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Facilitation, Role-Play Actors and Activities for conferences and events

Eggs leaping activity at Coastline Housing Conference
Nelson Training make eggs leap at the Coastline Conference
Conferences and events can be a real turn off and have the opposite effect to that intended. Hour after hour of tedious PowerPoint. Boring speakers that say they won’t take long and then do the opposite. It doesn’t have to be like that! With lively and engaging activities, carefully facilitated to engage everyone in the objectives of the event or brilliantly funny interactive drama to drive home the message your conferences and events can really hit home. People will remember them for a long time and for all the right reasons too!
Even if having everyone sitting in rows in a crowded room, theatre style is your only option there are many great ways in which we can help you keep the event lively and keep everyone focused and involved.
Here are just some of the ways in which we can help with your conference or event …
We can help you plan and design your event to maximise its effectiveness and enjoyment. We have over fourteen years’ experience taking part in and organising conferences…we know by now what ‘works’ and what doesn’t!
  • Let us compere your event. We can keep it lively and entertaining.
  • Let us do your ice-breakers and energisers! Nothing embarrassing and no group hugs (unless you request it!).
  • Let us provide drama-based items on the agenda. We can work with you to provide something within your theme!
  • Let us provide ‘invisible theatre’ – always popular, Mrs Taylor the cleaner or Mr Price the caretaker can play their part in acting as a tension-releasing comedy interlude!
  • Let us provide you with street theatre and/or close-card magicians for the coffee and lunch breaks.
  • Let us help you design a whole host of interactive activities and workshops to keep your delegates engaged throughout the day.
  • Let us film/photograph the whole event for you for your archives and newsletters.

Other ideas for activities:

  • We can get your colleagues singing as a choir
  • We can get your colleagues playing samba drums
  • We can get your colleagues doing artistic collages
  • We can get your colleagues doing films themselves
Two Saints Housing conference delegates enjoy a session facilitated by Nelson Training
Two Saints Housing conference delegates enjoy a session facilitated by Nelson Training

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