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1. Customer Service for IT help desk staff

Half Day Customer Care training that is totally different with proven results

IT professional at help desk

This is what we’re told when we talk to our non IT customers:

“Help desk staff are overpaid, in a world of their own and talk a different language”

“Our customers are IT illiterate and don’t know how to turn the computer on and off”

Your IT help desk staff are probably fantastic and very knowledgeable about computers. Where they might need support is with the people skills needed to give great customer service to their colleagues

Here is the question:

If the customer could go anywhere to get their IT issues sorted, is your team so good that they would choose them anyway?

We have been training IT help desk staff now for over 14 years using our award winning drama-based approach that gets everyone really engaged. We never use PowerPoint bullets or long boring lectures and never put anyone on the spot by asking them to role play. Instead we bring everyday problems to life by getting our professional actors to portray typical problem scenarios encountered by your colleagues. The result is fun and effective. Truly memorable training  that sticks and ‘works’!

Subjects on the session include:

  • What is Great Customer Service?
  • What do our customers expect?
  • Our customers’ language
  • Advanced listening skills on the telephone
  • Problem solving over the telephone
  • Handling conflict and disarming anger
  • Going that extra mile

Our call centre clients include:

  • Bosch Worcester
  • Bristol City Council
  • Echo Managed Services
  • Three Rivers Housing
  • South Staffs Water, and many more

Don’t take our word for it! Come and see us in action or ask to speak to one of our many satisfied clients!

Training was excellent, was well presented but came across easily            Jilly Towe, Customer Advisor

A good and refreshing approach to training        Tom Trevithick, IT Officer

Interesting, engaging, energised, funny, informative     Lesley Harrison, Senior Customer Services Advisor

2. Management skills for IT managers

Training that is truly different, relevant, and engaging right from the start. We use an award winning tried and tested drama-based approach which engages everyone right from the start

So….we know that you are technically excellent at your job and very knowledgeable about your subject.

Now, if your team hang onto your every word and are galvanised into action hitting and exceeding targets and hardly ever absent then read no more…this one day session is not for you!

There are managers out there who do have some problems (oops sorry…we call them ‘issues’ now!) with their staff either because they are not performing well in terms of quality and quantity of work or are just plain negative and a drain on everyone’s energy. . . especially yours.

Our session will give you’re the skills and techniques that you need to motivate your staff and tackle these ‘difficult; conversations with confidence.

There are managers out here whose main approach when staff ae not performing is to leave it, not rock the boat, and hope that it will improve. Now, I’m sure that you are not one of them, but just in case, this option has past your mind, let us support you and really get the best out of the most expensive and complex resource that you have, and ….(scary bit…) this is the only resource that can deliberately work against you if it wants!!

Session includes;

  • Motivating your staff
  • Tools, techniques and approaches or handling under performance and poor behaviour at work
  • Staff appraisals and how to carry them out
  • The dreaded return to work interview
  • How to reduce absence
  • How to create a high performance culture in your teams
  • Action planning for those next meetings and discussions with your staff

We have 14 years’ experience at training managers in over 6 different countries. We have won awards for our innovative approach which has proven to save our clients money over a period of time.

Please don’t take our work for it

Come and see us in action, (we can arrange that) or speak to one of our many delighted clients

Which include:

  • Bosch
  • Kimal
  • Worcester Acute Hospitals
  • Bristol City Council South Staff Water
  • Pasquil

 Excellent Andrew Churchill, Bristol City Council

Relevant, useful, exceeded expectation, made a potentially dry subject exciting Anna Johnson, Head of Project Mgt West Mercia Housing Association

Excellent Training-very different-excellent materials to take away Laura Boon, BCC

Brilliant the play acting was very informative and brought it all to life Rose Lewis, Snr Housing Officer Nexus

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