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If you want to see a demonstration of  our drama based training style and approach then take a look at these two examples of a live conference training session given by Nelson Training on video taken at the 2015 Standing Conference of Heads of Media Services (SCHOMS). SCHOMS published a good description of the session on page 6 in their Autumn 2015 SCHOMS Connections Magazine. The first video shows a session on customer service.

Nelson Training on Video: Customer service

Nelson Training on video at SCHOMS: Session 1

For the first 6 minutes Viv Nelson, Nelson Training’s founder and managing director explains how Nelson Training came to be formed and how she came to be developing drama based corporate training. Following this is a short interactive task she gives the delegates to develop the theme of the soft and hard criteria by which customer service is judged by customers. 15 minutes in she introduces a forum theatre interactive sketch on handling a difficult and unreasonable customer. In this example, actor Rob Joiner plays a demanding university professor and Betty Coltrane plays a media technician. The sound quality is a bit variable at the start as there was a fault on Rob’s microphone (ironic at a Heads of Media Studies conference!).

The sketch is first heard while delegates make notes as to where the media technician could handle the situation better. Follwoing this they advise her on what she did well, what she did badly and where there was scope for improvement. The sketch is then replayed with the delegates stopping the action whenever she strays from the advice they have previously given her and advising her as to how to improve the situation at this point.

Viv sums up at 50 minutes in and then gets the delegates to design a sketch for situations where they find it difficult to be customer centred. The sketch is then played as an instant stop / start. This is where the sketch is stopped at any point by the delegates who direct where the sketch goes next; hopefully in nthe direction of a customer centred resolution!

Other examples of the results that Viv has achieved with Nelson Training customer service training programmes can be seen in the following case studies: Training Case Study: Customer Service Delivery and Training Case Study: Complaint Handling

Nelson Training on video: Difficult conversations and performance management of staff

Nelson Training on video at SCHOMS: Session 2

In this video, Viv introduces the difficult behaviours that affect the performance of staff and gets the delegates to identify factors leading to under-performance. 18 minutes in, Viv introduces the sketch in which Rob plays Geoff, a manager, and Betty plays Sandra who is on the telephone handling a customer in a not very customer centred way. Geoff wants to address some aspects of Sandra’s behaviour. In a variant of the forum theatre format he asks the delegates for their advice. The delegates work for a few minutes in small groups as to how they would address the issues raised. Geoff then comes back and they give him their advice. 40 minutes in, Geoff tries again to talk to Sandra to address her performance issues with the delegates’ help throughout.

Other issues that would be covered on a typical Nelson Training performance management course can be found here. Our full range of management and leadership programmes can be found here.

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