Absence Management

Absence Management Training

Delegates attending this programme – key benefits

The programme will be tailored to suit your specific needs

• Will understand the key policies relating to staff attendance and managing staff absence

• Will understand the main areas of legislation and regulation that affect how we manage attendance

• Will have outlined their major concerns regarding tackling absenteeism with staff

• Will have identified how to manage these concerns more effectively

• Will have highlighted the core interpersonal skills needed and the pitfalls to avoid when discussing attendance issues?

• Will be able to distinguish between formal and informal interviews?

• Will be able to plan, prepare, structure, control and document a return to work interview

• Will be able to build up their own confidence when tackling awkward/delicate situations

• Will be able to handle disagreement, conflict and emotion professionally, assertively and with sensitivity

• Will understand the responsibilities of a manager when working with staff who are fit to undertake some work duties or require adjustments to their work environments

• Will be able to distinguish between short term and long term absence and how to manage different types of absences

• Will be able to manage non sickness absence e.g. compassionate issues

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