Performance Management

Performance Management Training

A typical performance management /performance coaching programme

The programme will be tailored to suit your specific needs

• Identify the key skills and qualities needed for an effective supervisor/team leader

• Motivate their staff in a variety of ways

• Identify where performance in team members needs developing

• Identify common supervisory problems/situations and be able to identify options for managing them

• Highlight the common causes of underperformance

• Give feedback to team members in a constructive and motivating manner

• Choose and use a variety of tools and techniques to improve performance

• Distinguish between assertive, passive, and aggressive behaviour

• Reflect upon and use ‘core’ interpersonal skills more effectively

• Monitor absence and carry out an effective return to work interview

• Identify opportunities to coach their staff and use effective coaching methods (such as active listening, questioning techniques, body language, and voice tone)

• Boost their own self confidence and self esteem and that of their staff

• Use a ‘Learning Conversation’ to improve performance

• Disarm anger if things get heated

• Increase their own personal effectiveness using a variety of influencing techniques

• Make every contact with their staff a ‘quality’ one which enhances relationships and improves the working climate

• Construct their own improvement plan for future review

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