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Customer service training has been one of our most successful training areas and is responsible for three of our National Training Awards. You can read the case studies for how our training improved customer service delivery to such an extent at Bristol City Council that it gained them an extra £400,000 of government funding and how we trained staff at South Gloucestershire Council to dramatically improve their complaint handling performance.

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A typical customer service training program (half day or full day)

This customer care training program is ideal for all front line staff whether working at a reception desk or in a call or contact centre.

The programme will be tailored to suit your specific needs

• Who are our customers?

• What makes our customers satisfied/delighted?

• What makes them angry?

• What are their expectations?

• What makes US happy and angry as customers?

• What are those `core` communication skills? (active listening, questioning, voice tone and body language)

• Activities/exercises to identify the power of these skills

• Building rapport…establishing good relationships and trust

• Handling difficult, awkward, angry situations/people

• Those first moments…

• Handling complaints – avoiding escalation..turning complaints into an opportunity to shine!

• Influencing skills at the customer interface

• Making every contact a `quality` one

• Interactive drama workshops, exploring, observing and `correcting` the skills and techniques

• Action Planning

Award Winning Customer Service Training

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Who are our Customer Service Training Programmes for?

This training is ideal for all those involved in front facing customer service. Both staff and their managers have an important role to play in good customer service and our lively, drama based approach makes the training really stick whilst making it fun and engaging for all delegates. Our proven track record in delivering return on investment on our training is demonstrated by our National Training Awards.

Good customer service is key to increased sales from repeat business, it protects and builds your brand and enhances your public image and it also leads to a positive and happy working environment for employees. In the public sector it leads to reduced complaints and escalations which in turn cuts costs. It is rarely the ‘hard’ criteria (the product or service) which determines the customer’s opinion of the provider. It is usually the’ soft’ criteria such as how the contact made them feel. Often, one person can affect what a customer thinks about an organisation that may employ thousands of staff.

Outcomes of this training programme

This training will leave your staff with the tools they need to deliver good customer service, to be able to handle complaints effectively and deal with difficult customers. They will also understand the importance of getting and giving good service to those in non customer facing roles in their own organisations. Managers will gain the confidence to develop their teams to deliver excellent customer service.

Customer services training client feedback

“Really liked the use of actors to give live demonstrations of how not to do things, and then see the improvement after suggestions.” Russel Dixon, Heating Design Manager, Bosch Thermotechnology UK Ltd.

“The training was a refreshing change with the actors using role play, and us judging them rather than the focus being turned on us and how we operate, because we knew they were actors we were able to assess/comment/advise without our comments being taken personally i.e. a colleague.” Simon Gill, Civil Enforcement Officer, Stratford District Council.

“Really unique way of delivering a very clear message. It was nicely done and very interesting.” Sharon Marshall, Purchasing Manager, University of Leeds.

“The training was excellent, I would like to thank you and your team for the effort you put in to make the sketches as real as possible for the guys on the phones. Fantastic job!
The feedback from the team so far has been very encouraging!. Pass My thanks on to Kevin and Lee also.” Chris Arkless, Technical Support Manager, Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd.

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