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Equality & diversity training for a more productive, customer focused and profitable workplace

Equality & Diversity Training from Nelson Training - Image shows a diverse workplace
A diverse workplace is more productive, customer focused and profitable

Equality & diversity training: what our customers say

I wondered how best to convey just what Nelson Training offered to my organisation following their recent Diversity & Inclusion programme. And then I thought that the best testimonial would come from our delegates. This is their feedback: “Often equality/diversity [training] is overloaded or skimmed around. I really enjoyed the acting. The scenarios were spot on. It made me think a bit deeper about diversity as a whole. The sketches made it more clear and vivid on how easily one can be discriminating. [It was an] interesting delivery of a tricky subject. Brilliantly engaging. Inspirational. Fresh. Very funny. Well presented and professionally done. Wish all courses were like that.”

Adele Wright
Head of Organisational Development
Homes for Haringey

Why use drama and actors for equality & diversity training?

Equality & diversity training is often a sensitive issue in organisations. Although many organisations have legal responsibilities towards equality, many people feel that they are being preached to when asked to attend diversity training or feel that it’s all ‘political correctness gone mad’. Using actors for training equality & diversity or dignity at work allows delegates to explore their attitudes and the effect that these may have on their customers and colleagues through observation and interaction with scenarios that they can relate to. An element of comedy and humour disarms as well as challenges delegates to confront their own unconscious biases. Drama-based training is at it’s most powerful for issue based topics such as equality & diversity.

Who are our equality & diversity training programmes for?

Our equality & diversity training programmes are ideal for staff in all organisations promoting equality of opportunity and valuing diversity. Whether an organisation wants an awareness of its obligations under the Equality Act 2010, has specific statutory obligations such as the Public Sector Equality Duty, has problems with a banter culture or staff who need tools to challenge language or behaviour, our lively drama based approach is a sure fire approach to engaging delegates. Our  programmes have achieved a high degree of recognition for their ability to engage groups who are by their nature resistant to equality and diversity training.

Our unique and non preaching approach, coupled with our deep and up to date knowledge of the legal framework has made us the ‘go to’ training company for E&D training for many organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Practical training

Each programme will be tailored to suit your specific needs. Scenarios will devised that will enable your delegates to immediately relate to the topics under discussion. Combined with interactive activities, our drama-based equality & diversity training programmes are the ideal approach for organisations that want their employees to be enthusiastic about this important topic.

CPD approved training

CPD Standards Office Accreditation for Nelson Training
CPD Standards Office Accreditation for Nelson Training

Our drama-based equality & diversity training sessions are approved for professional certified CPD by the CPD Standards Office.

Equality and diversity training resources

We have put together a comprehensive set of resources and web links that we use in putting on our equality & diversity and bullying & harassment training and these are available on the following website trainingforequalitydiversity.co.uk . These are freely available to anyone interested in the subject

Client Feedback

“Just wanted to say thank you to you all for really getting the right feel of all the scenarios, and managing to do such an effective job with such humour, making the afternoon so much more enjoyable that people would have expected. It was really well done, and it’s broadened my attitude to different ways of engaging groups.”  Chris Chambers, Clinical Telehealth Facilitator, Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group.

A typical equality & diversity training programme

• What is Diversity?

• The nine protected characteristics under the Equality Act. What are they?

• An introduction to the Equality Act

• The implications of the Public Sector Equality Duty (for public sector organisations)

• Consequences and costs of non-compliance

• Demography, customers and staff

• What does our policy say? (A quiz!)

• Stereotyping. An activity

• Challenging attitudes, behaviour and language

• Keeping Diversity at the forefront of everything that we do

• The legal framework (true or false quiz) (maybe voting buttons)

• Challenging inappropriate language and behaviour (sketch)

• Dealing with customers as individuals

• Action planning

Our Equality and Diversity Training is Renowned

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