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Nelson Training business actor hire can make your corporate event or training session really engage everyone
Nelson Training business actor hire can make your corporate event or training session really engage everyone

For training that sticks use business actor hire

We specialise in business actor hire for trainers and corporate events. We cannot take all the ‘glory’ for the effectiveness and stickiness of our training. Drum roll…for our highly trained business actors. They’re available for you to hire for your own training and facilitating.

Established and well practiced – to perfection some may say.

Established in 2001, Nelson Training has been hiring professional business actors for corporate role play and staff events and can offer a wide range of talented actors for business actor hire for a whole range of corporate purposes.

We have a team of over 35 actors many of which have worked with us for over 10 years. They are all skilled at corporate role play and have been handpicked for their skill and knowledge.

Top 5 reasons why our clients hire actors from us

1 Business actor hire can assist with training: to carry out interactive drama (known as Forum Theatre) and demonstrate everyday scenarios for training purposes

2 To play the part of staff members in role plays  in order that your own staff can \play themselves’ and use the actor to try out different skills and techniques

3 Invisible theatre. This is when the actor is unknown to the delegates and plays the part of an intruder or ordinary staff member  at the beginning or during a staff event or conference. No-one knows they are actors and though people may guess, they never really know!

4 To lighten things up .To add a smattering of comedy to the event. Typically this might be an actor dressed as the cleaner or janitor at the beginning of the event asking everyone to leave as the room is being cleaned!

5 To act as singing waiters. Many of our actors are trained opera singers and have played the part of waiters at corporate events delighting delegates with an aria or two during the speeches!

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If you are thinking of hiring role-play actors you might like to read some of our blog pages on this subject How to Choose Business Actors and Tips For Hiring Business Actors . For a detailed study of using actors in training try our page on Drama in Business Training.

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