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Management and Leadership Training Programs

Internationally recognised CPD accredited management courses

CPD Standards Office Accreditation for Nelson Training management and leadership training
CPD Standards Office Accreditation

Nelson Training offers a number of essential management and leadership training programs. A typical two day program is shown below of an illustration of the topics covered. We also train specific essential aspects of  management such as: performance managementmotivating yourself and othersabsence managementhandling conflict,  communication and presentation skills .

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Typical management and leadership training course example

Managing for better performance

A two day session aimed at helping team leaders/managers to improve the performance of their team. Ideal for first time managers or those who have particularly challenging staff!

These highly interactive sessions focuses upon common every day issues faced by team leaders and managers. Motivating and communicating with team members are addressed and in particular we have a great choice of strategies for handling those awkward conversations with underperformers.

The sessions use a technique called ‘Forum Theatre’ which means that professional actors are used to role play so that you don’t have to! No PowerPoint, and no long boring lectures; just issues that are relevant, and no role play, unless you want to ! The days are injected throughout with live comedy and drama demonstrating relevant techniques, and a chance to discuss options for handling work based issues. We have small numbers and everyone goes away with a personal action plan to manage when they get back at work. Our management and leadership training sessions have always proved both popular and effective and we have many happy customers to prove it.


At the end of the two days the participants will be able to:

  •  Identify the key skills and qualities needed for an effective supervisor/team leader or manager
  • Motivate their staff in a variety of ways
  • Identify where performance in team members needs developing
  • Identify common supervisory problems/situations and be able to identify options for managing them
  • Highlight the common causes of under-performance
  • Give feedback to team members in a constructive and motivating manner
  • Choose and use a variety of tools and techniques to  improve performance
  • Distinguish between assertive, passive, and aggressive behaviour
  • Reflect upon and  use ‘core’ interpersonal skills more effectively
  • Monitor absence and carry out an effective return to work interview
  • Identify opportunities to coach their staff and use effective coaching methods
  • (such as active listening, questioning techniques, body language, and voice tone)
  • Boost their own self confidence and self esteem and that of their staff
  • Use a ‘Learning Conversation’ to improve performance
  • Disarm anger if things get heated
  • Increase their own personal effectiveness using a variety of influencing techniques
  • Make every contact with their staff a ‘quality’ one which enhances relationships and improves the working climate
  • Construct their own improvement plan for future review

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